LX84V, 86V Series Rotary Joint

LX84V, 86V Series Rotary Joint

Industry: Machine Tool

  • Dry air
  • High-pressure
  • High-speed
  • Double drain structure ( vertical mounting)


FluidCoolantOil MistDry Air
Pressure (MPa)0.5~70.2~10.2~1
Pressure (psi)72.5~1,01529~14529~145
Pressure (bar)5~702~102~10

Operating Specifications

SpecificationFlow Rate (Coolant)Max. SpeedMax. Temperature
NumberBelow 20 L/minMax. 15,000 min-1Max. 60 ℃
NumberBelow 5.28 gal/minMax. 15,000 rpmMax. 140 °F

Installation Direction

HorizontalVertical (Rotating Part is Upper Side)Vertical (Rotating Part is Lower Side

Installation Specification

Rotation Without FluidMin Flow Rate to Operate Seal (In Case Fluid is Coolant)
Over 10 L/min
Over 2.64 gal/min

Outline Drawings and Installation Dimensions

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